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Jemima Backman    


Translator, Blogger, Health-Inspirer


Education and studies

2011: Student (Laudatur) from Mattlidens gymnasium.

2011-2013: Journalism & communication at Svenska social- och kommunalhögsskolan in Helsinki, Finland. (Bachelor’s degree)

2013-2014: History at Åbo university in Turku, Finland. (Bachelor’s degree)

2014-2015: Public relations and creative writing within Communications at University of Technology Sydney Australia (Bachelor’s degree).
Writing my Bachelor’s thesis in spring 2016 at Svenska social-kommunalhögskolan in Helsinki, Finland.


I have two mother tongues, Finnish and Swedish. I speak and write both of them fluently and also speak and write English completely fluently. I can hold a fluent conversation in Norwegian.

Work experience


I have nearly 10 years of work experience in communications in the media industry. I have worked on TV, radio, web and finally the printed press, and in social media through writing a blog with nearly half a million views.

2008: I began working at a TV-show for YLE, the biggest national media centre in Finland. I immediately realised that I want to work in the media, and shortly after I started to appear on shows on the radio as well (radio X3M).

2009-2010: I started working as a freelancer in the radio section. I did many interviews, and translated radio programs into fluent short texts that appeared on YLE:s website and blog sites.

2011-2012: I moved on to working as a web editor for a sports club and started studying journalism.

2012-2014: I began working for STT-Lehtikuva, one of the biggest News Media producers in Finland, as the youngest journalist at the workplace. I worked there actively alongside my studies, did one work practice period and also worked one whole summer for them.

2014-2015: Worked for a radio station, 2SER, in Australia.


To me, sports has never been just a hobby, but a lifestyle that I have been living all my life and a field where I have a lot of work-experience as well. I am a national level athlete, have been apart of the national team in both running and handball, and have represented Finland abroad in running.

2002: I ran my first national record on the 600 meter. After that I won multiple national championships (junior) in both athletics and running, was picked to the elite national squads in both sports, and was at a high level in both until I picked running at the age of 16.

2009-2012: Worked as a coach for Esbo IF, had summer camps and weekly sessions for children and teens. Qualified track and field instructor.

2011: Represented Finland in the Nordic Baltic championships in Copenhagen in the 4×4000 relay.

2011: Worked for a sports club (Dicken) and had marathon and running schools for adults.

2014: Represented Finland in the Nordic Baltic match in Copenhagen in the 1500m and came 4th. 6th place in the National championships Kalevan kisat in the 1500m and 5th in the 800m.

2014: Worked at Balmain Fitness (gym) in Australia and represented my University, UTS Norths, in track and field and triathlon.

2015-2016: Work at Esport Center, the biggest Nordic training center

Customer service

I have worked in customer service through PR companies, as an event planner and also at different restaurants around the world for around 7 years. I really like working with people and carry a smile and a genuine positive attitude.

2010-2012: PR, promoting products for Irokeesi OY.

2014: L’Escale, À la carte restaurant in Nauvo, Finland during the summer and at Angeler’s rest in Australia, Brooklyn.

2012-2015: Event coordinator at OY Amee AB. Working with catering, big events and sponsorships.

2015: Personal assistant for artist and designer Gail Francis, that has appeared in Vogue Australia. Responsibilities included going to art shows, promoting clothes and arranging meetings and running errands.

2015: Bistro Klykan, seafood restaurant in Nauvo, Finland.

Au pair and nannying

1993: My sister was born and after that I have been the oldest of 4 children. I am used to getting along with all kinds of people and taking care of the younger ones.

2009-2016: Babysitting in different families (ask for more details)

2014: Au pair in Australia for 6 months during my studies


I am a positive 23-yearold woman from Finland. I love to take on new challenges and have travelled a lot in association with work and training. My life in sports has taught me to handle disappointments and never give up, yet be sensitive to the response of the environment and myself. I have also learned that relationships and family are more important than sports, and have a close family and lifelong friendships, all around the world. I love meeting new people and am always ready for adventures. My passions in life are writing, believing and running. I cannot go a day without them.


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