Evacuation – Hurricane Irma coming at us

The whole campus is being evacuated because of Monster Hurricane Irma. We are right in the center of where she is supposed to hit. I am packing to be ready to leave in an hour from emergency notice but as it is now, we will be leaving tomorrow morning. Is it okay to be excited? Yes and No. When I first heard about the hurricane I got excited. It’s something life threatening and really damaging yes, (maybe that ads to the excitement actually) but it’s also something different and fascinating.

Hurricane Irma has already made history. Its winds, which have held at 185 miles an hour for 24 hours, are the strongest ever recorded in the open Atlantic Ocean.

And she is not slowing down. At least yet. In a situation like this, is it okay to be excited?   

There are probably students on this campus with family, friends and relatives who have been negatively impacted by a previous hurricane. The last time a hurricane of this magnitude hit Charleston (South Carolina) the university was closed for a month. It’s no joke and personally, I am trying to be both serious and respectful, and still, accept that I’m the type of person who finds storms and dangerous situations of various kinds quite exciting.  

It’s not just me. Apparently the issue of excitement and yet, showing respect, has been a under discussion at several dinner tables this week. So yes, it’s okay to be a bit excited as long as you show respect and acknowledge the seriousness of the situation. But it’s not okay to be blindly excited and forget about everyone and everything around you, which can potentially make you a danger to both yourself and others. 

Most students are leaving to be with their families or close friends. People have been extremely caring and considerate, asking me and my British roommate if we have a place to stay and letting us know we are welcome to stay in their homes during the danger.   Personally, I will be evacuated with the international students to North Greenville University a few hours away. But from there we may be evacuated again, depending on if the hurricane will be threatening the northern parts of South Carolina as well, which it will if it turns slightly inland in line with the latest projections.

 That being said, we are safe over here but please keep all of us in your thoughts and prayers. I will keep you posted and I probably won’t die. Have made it this far haven’t I? 😉



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