Solar Eclipse, Hurricanes and life in South Carolina

My first two weeks in Charleston, South Carolina, have been amazing. I got to see the first full solar eclipse in the United States in a 100 years. I got to experience a few storms leading into hurricane season, with hurricane Irma approaching the mainland as I write. I got to loose my bag for the first time and learn that you actually do survive on a surprisingly small amount of stuff. I got to run over 70 kilometers last week and finished off with one of the fastest 5k’s I have ever done. And most importantly, I got to go to a Christian school.  

I have struggled with going to school before. And I haven’t known exactly why… until now. It’s not because I think it’s boring or hard, I actually like learning. And even though I have taken a fall or two, it’s not because of bullying either. It’s because of faith. 

Having faith in a school system that is built on and influenced by atheism is hard. Having faith in an atmosphere of unbelief is tough. Especially when a lot of the things that I experience everyday don’t exist in a system like this. They are impossible. And yet, they happen to me all the time.

It’s a challenge to have an open heart if you have a closed life. But I really want to have an open heart and be (at least somewhat) open about my life, because those two go hand in hand.   

But how can you be open about your life if 90% of what happens is ”impossible” and unreal to most people around you? How can you be open when you are not supposed to talk about faith but everything in your life is built on faith and happens because of it?   

Today I am able to say that I made a choice because I literally saw it coming. I am be able to say I know I will be okay because God hears and answers my prayers. I am able to say that the immaterial world is more real to me than any matter. That God is real to me. That Christ is real to me. Everyday, every minute, every hour. God is just so real to me.  


You have so much potential. And it’s sad to see that potential go to waste because you believe some of your gifts don’t exist. And the less you believe in your gifts, the weaker they become. So you lose your greatest talents, without knowing you even had them.

Don’t lose your talents. Hold on to them. Hold on to the possibility of the impossible. Hold on to the idea that the world is extraordinary. That you are extraordinary.

And most importantly, hold on to the promise that everything is possible for the one who believes.  



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