South Carolina here I am! 

After two days of traveling and two stops in Dublin and New York I am finally in South Carolina.   My last year in New York was tough and to be honest, making it to Charleston Southern University, a Division I school in South Carolina, feels like a reward for pushing through. It is also the fulfillment of a major childhood dream and lifetime goal of mine: To run and study at the highest collegiate level in the United States of America.   

Living in a big city like New York really prepared me for this and pushed me out of my ”island girl” -comfort zone. It made me realise that getting out of your comfort zone allows you to discover strengths and weaknesses you did not know you have.  

I had no idea that I could both live with and let people so close to me. In fact I was worried about what might happen the day I have to not only share a room but a bed with some dude I said yes to in a moment of being convinced that this really is it. 

 I can’t say I always did a good job, because I didn’t. But I tried my best to work on my weaknesses and now I have no problem with sharing a room with almost anyone. A bed however is a different deal and that’s where I draw my line for sure!

Drawing lines is important. Both when it comes to your future and your past. Often, you only see the dots come together when you look back. A pattern emerges, a divine design that makes sense only after you had the courage to believe, to walk by faith and not only by what you currently see.  If I had not believed what I wrote in my prayer diary in Australia in 2015, that God was going to move me to New York, to study and run in the United States, I would not have accepted the offer to be a student-athlete in New York 1,5 years later. I would not have gone and I would not have ended up in a dream school in South Carolina, the East coast’s California.   

This does not mean that my life is all rainbows and butterflies now. It’s not easy to build a life in a whole new place (again). In a place where I literarily have two friends, that I made yesterday. But I will make it. Because I learned that I am stronger than I think. And I learned that when you have the courage to chase a dream that was placed in your heart by purpose you will not just survive,You will succeed and you will thrive.


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