10 Reasons to visit Australia!

1.  You are allowed to be your unique self. In Australia there is no gender-neutral equal box, where you have to think, speak and act like everyone else. Trying to be like everyone else is a loss of uniqueness and potential, while being your authentic self brings success. Creative and a bit crazy is not only allowed and accepted, it’s actually celebrated! In addition, people are incredibly supportive of going for your dreams and taking chances, after all you never know what will happen unless you try!10690116_10203831439078661_5037833604004261175_n

  1. You can say funny stuff. You don’t have to walk around on egg-shells and be afraid of people getting upset over different opinions, because aussies are relaxed and the environment is diverse and accepting.
  1. Aussies are easy going. There. I said it. Surfers, waves, bikinis, salty water and drinks on the beach, it’s all true. It’s not a daydream, not a trick, not a joke. Aussies really are pretty amazing and don’t worry too much. And so many are happy, open, positive and chilled including the girls. The girls have great humour as well, and laughing until I cry became everyday life. And “surprise surprise” many Scandinavians end up in a relationship with an aussie, so if you want to travel and live on your own, you are going to need some serious skills to stay single haha.
  1. People are not hypocrites. Many aussies are actually the descendants of criminals, because Australia used to be a convict island for some time. So there is no room for a lot of pretending to be perfect and better than everybody else, because, you know you are a bit of a criminal yourself. Which is great, nobody is perfect, and thinking that you are, is always a problem.12c2a81be6cbd7d6a1df03950e14dfa5
  1. Aussies are open to difference and strangers. Aussies are happy to take in humans that are not equal and similar to themselves. When I went to Australia I was invited to a birthday party after only just meeting the girl. It really left an impression on me and made me realize how much more fun it is to be more open to new friendships. I met friends for life, in all different ages, colors and sizes, and have my wolf pack, Dangar island and Liberty community to always go back too =)
  1. Aussies smell lies and nonsense. Aussies have a very sharp nonsense detector, perhaps because they are so honest and straight forward themselves. And in Finland we have that too, but the difference between us and aussies is that aussies say when they smell nonsense. They spell it out loud, and often make a joke about it, and you know what they say: It’s funny because it’s true.
  1. The weather. Usually great, really sunny, warm, happy, you know, just great. Plus, the beaches and the nature is amazing. So the environment all in all definitely is a win-win, especially if you are used to summers that last for like 2 seconds and dark & cold winters that last for a lifetime. 10305063_10202492790573285_111249114661268184_n
  1. Spirituality. Most of the people I met in Australia believe in something Higher than themselves and are spiritual, connected to ”God”, nature and each other. I felt that in Australia it’s kind of natural to believe in some Reason in the Laws and order of our Cosmos, and respect the Universe we live in. And research actually shows that humans that have grown up in nature are not very religious, but spiritual. And Australians are a lot like that, not very religious at all, but definitely spiritual, which suits me perfectly because I grew up in nature and have always been spiritual. I can’t remember a day in my life when I thought the laws of nature were random or meaningless, or that the four seasons were chaotic and unorganized. I always believed in Laws and Order that were beyond human. So for me, it just clicked.
  1. Active lifestyle. Aussies are often active and into adventures. There is always something happening, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, sports events or festivals coming. Sports is also more open than in Finland, you can do it even if you are not the best in the world, you know, just for the adventure and fun!

    My first triathlon!
    My first triathlon! Missing my wolf pack 😉
  1. The organic food is AMAZING. In Australia you can buy fresh and amazing food, epically fruit, if you are around Sydney (NSW) or in Victoria. There are a lot of different markets and local producers around, that you easily find once you get to know the place. Overall Healthy food is big, and it’s easy to find amazing healthy foods, especially if you try to eat more plant based. Personally, I stopped eating meat after only 1 month in Australia and have been on that track for 1,5 years, and it’s been great =)

And lastly, backpacking is the BEST. There are so many backpackers around that you instantly make friends even if you fly over on your own. Personally, I went over alone and started off with 2 months of backpacking before my studies at University of Technology Sydney started. I lived in different families as an au pair or ”woofer”, which means that you get free accommodation and food in exchange of 4-5 hours of easy work a day. I really recommend it, even just for a few weeks, because you get to know people so well. I ended up finding my first apartment, some of my best friends and my job through a family I lived in for a few days, so it really is a good idea to start off with, and then see how you go! 😉

PS. The picture below is from the Blue mountains. Big thanks to C for showing us around, and to M&D for great adventure company! Miss you all xx



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