Racism in Finland – Fear of Difference

Why are we so afraid of difference? Difference in the way we look, think, believe, speak and act? Difference in genetics, environments, cultures and worlds? Why do we all have to be so neutral and exactly the same? Why do we just tolerate, just ignore uniqueness, instead of celebrating it?


And why do we never discuss difference, analyze uniqueness and try to be aware of cultural crashes, and different moral & value systems? Why are we so tolerantly ignorant, completelt unrealistic, having no clue about logics and statistics? Why can’t we discuss reasons and explanations, without using them as excuses for hate? And HOW did we get into a situation like this?

Tolerance. Tolerance is the number one reason to genocides. Just tolerating and ignoring, going against your gut feeling and doing nothing. And forcing, forcing everyone to be equal and neutral, not unique, not different. Just the same, and think, feel, speak and act the same as everybody else, the same as yourSelf.

And then we wonder why so many are so aggressive towards uniqueness? Then we wonder why we are so isolated, in our own life-long groups of friends, that block out difference. Then we wonder why we are so afraid of people coming in from the outside, even though our grandparents got attacked from the outside.

Even though traumatic memories, and patterns of thinking and behaving, are passed down through genetics to the 3rd-4th generation. Even though traumatic patterns can only be changed through awareness, through processing, discussing and talking, NOT by ignoring, labelling, never talking and always tolerating. Despite of everything we still wonder why we have so much hate of difference. Why? Why do we even wonder…?intolerance

The number one way to prevent genocides is ACKNOWLEDGING difference and appreciating uniqueness for what it is. Being aware of uniqueness and accepting it, and kicking this tolerance out of the window of our nation. We need to learn how to have awareness and pure Compassion for every person there is, especially those who are not neutral, not equal, white coloured moomin-trolls. We need to stop being hypocritical, and not judge the person but judge the Practice. Change the way we think, feel and behave. Change the way WE think. Not just the way ”they” think. But the way we all think.

And if we don’t change, a lot of uniquely creative people will leave this nation. A lot of people that are hyper-creative and sensitive, and know more languages, ideologies and theories than one, will leave, just like I did. Without feeling bad for it.cl_islamophobia

More and more young people are leaving Finland. Because there is a limit to everything. A limit to bullshit like just ignoring and tolerating, but also a limit to hate speech and getting beat up on the bus for having another native language than finnish. A a limit to the amount of vibrations and words of hate and ignorance, that a human can take. A limit to speaking evil, because we do create what we speak, what we release becomes real. And that limit has nothing to do with tolerance, but everything to do with lack of compassion. Lack of compassion, compassion for not only humans who think, look, or act like you, but every unique human in front of you, that might completely disagree with you and your own view.

It starts with you. It starts with a decision to love and honor every person in front of you. It starts with being brave enough to never judge the person, but judge the practice. Judge hate speech, not the human who releases it. Speak up against what humans are DOING, because labeling leads to nothing. Speak up for what your Heart is feeling, not what yourSelf, your ego, is saying.

It starts with you. 



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