Who is normal? Who is neutral?

Who is normal? Who is neutral?💭
To me, humans are like art. Unique stories, in different colours, different letters and designs, organized into unique chapters with all kinds of images and combinations, unlike anyone or anything else I have ever seen or experienced. ✨💫🌍

To me, no human is blank. No human is neutral. No human is equal. No human is normal. Because no human is nothing. Every human is something. And some humans are more of something, and others are less of something. Some humans have more colour on their skin, in their smile or personality. Some humans have more energy, and some are on a more stable frequency. Some are written in thinner letters, and some in more stable and weighty words.

Some have thoughts that are racing, some have ideas that are dancing, and some have minds that are calmly resting. Some are dreaming, some are interesting, some are deeply feeling. Some are extreme and some are intense, some are logical and others make creative sense. Some are a bit quirky, some like being lonely, and some love popularity. 

Some are more like me, and some are completely the opposite of my personality. 

This is true diversity, this is true beauty. 

This is what we should respect, accept and love. This is what we need to learn to let live and let be… To simply let be completely unique 🌾🌟



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