Killing Creativity – Creative Kids and Making Money

School is the place where you get called crazy ADHD child, or perhaps weird, stupid, bipolar or autistic kid, if you have more important stuff happening in your brain than how many watermelons Donna gave to David. School is the place where Creative kids get labelled and hated. Education is how creativity is killedAnd this is a huge problem because unique creative ideas only come from unique creative minds. Because unique creative ideas are the most valuable ”product” in our global software society.

Creative ideas is how Money is made these days. Yet the number one way of making money is killed from the very first time you step in through those doors with great expectations, with your new backpack and a belly filled with nervous butterflies, only to be told that you are weird, stupid and crazy for being the creative person you are. 12011385_10205820352240247_7550913739071610360_n

School is not for creative kids. And since all kids are creative in their own unique way, school is not for kids at all.

When you have a brain that comes up with all these ideas, and you just want to test them out and go on adventures, or create and write stories and draw images and patterns of what happens in your world, and are not allowed to do that, but get locked into a little box with 20 other kids, learning sucks. When you are forced to just sit there and listen to stuff that is so boring and happens extremely slowly, learning sucks. Learning sucks even though you LOVE learning, love new ideas, and being creative in your own unique way. Still, learning sucks, and you are “stupid” just because you have to be like everyone else, even though you obviously are not.

Being unique, thinking unique, and thus being creative, should be seen as the gift that it is, not as some sort of burden or a disease. Right now, there is only one model of being, thinking and learning, one equal and Neutral box for everyone to fit in. One box with no colours, no differences, no uniqueness at all. One box with no room for creativity, innovation or out of the box thinking at all.12027702_10205811705424082_4365117935146783746_n

The system is not the teachers fault. Yes, some teachers behave like douchebags, but there are rotten apples in every group of people. Many teachers actually do want to teach and help children. The problem is the system. The problem is that we still use the same equal production-line system we have had for over a 100 years, even though society has changed ENORMOUSLY only in the past 10 years, and even though we now have genetic analysis and cognitive analysis that shows how different and unique we all actually are.

Today, we live in a global software society, where machines are taking over more mechanical work, and creative human-ideas are the most valuable commodity there is. Yet at school, these creative idea-minds are labelled and hated. At school these creative minds get slaughtered and the medical industry makes millions because we are so afraid of difference that we have no other solution than instantly killing creativity with ”medicine”, meaning drugs.

If we want a more secure financial future, in our global software society, we need a future with creative ideas and more solutions than just one right answer to one question. And thus, our education system must change.il_570xN.562725799_4tmp

But first, our attitude to difference must change. We have to understand that there is no creative without a little bit of “crazy”. We have to understand that creative geniuses with highly visual brains, everyone from Einstein and Tesla to Mozart, Austen, Orwell, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are thought to have had some high functioning forms of autism (also knows as Aspergers), just like many of the best creative leaders in economics and politics are thought to have a bit of bipolar tendencies going on. The genetics for high functioning autism (aspergers) and bipolar overlap and are quite similar, but mild bipolar is mainly about your energy levels going up and down, when they are increasing, your drive increases, self confidence rises and you believe that you can succeed with the impossible. Simply put: visual-vision humans with differences in attention and/or energy levels that may go up and down and have different ways of interacting with the world and experiencing it, have significant gifts to contribute with, if they are accepted as they are and encouraged to use their gifts.

We have to understand that unique creative ideas come from unique creative minds, and from those ideas and minds a LOT of good business can be made, especially since creatively intelligent humans are often very convincing and actually are the ones that end up changing the world. But this cannot be done if these kids are told that they are stupid or completely crazy and weird, just because they think and behave different. This cannot be done if we continue to force children, and ourselves, into one equal, neutral and “politically correct” box where no uniqueness can exist at all.

A change cannot be made without you and me changing our attitude. Changing our attitude when it comes to uniqueness, and start celebrating difference for the gift it is, instead of just neutralizing, ignoring and tolerating it.



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