Get Motivated to train! – Addicted and avoiding Depression

Winter is coming. And with winter comes autumn rains and a bit of a dive down in the mood, that can be lifted with some good old endorphines, serotonine, dopamine, creativity and adventures! 😜
The best thing is that after a while you get addicted. Only 21 days of consistency in doing anything, and that action becomes a neurological pattern, a habit! 🙂

Personally, I have found that life-routines like training consistently really helps you to get through darker times with a positive attitude. 

So what do I do? In the fall I always start something new. I try to not go into the same old same old circles and instead I spice up life with adventures and new experiences, yet keep healthy consistent routines going at the same time. 

This fall I got a new job at a gym and have decided to start dancing and doing a bit more crossfit. I am also planning on buying my own boxing gloves and gettig into more serious boxing. I have been boxing for years but never had my own training gear so I think it’s time now! 🙂

I also write and create a lot in the fall. I kind of release what I absorbed during those magical summer days and nights in our land of the midnight sun. 

Creativity makes me feel a lot better, and creative thinking in any form: words, numbers, images, sports, physics, design, patterns anything that feels creative to you personally, is great to get into in the fall. 

Doing things you enjoy increases your self-esteem as you get better and better through practice. Because whatever you are doing at any time, you are physically modifying your brain to get better at it. And good self esteem is closely linked to the neurotrasmitter serotonin. Lack of serotonin often leads to depression, low self-esteem and even self-destructive behaviour, which means that being creative in your own unique way is necessary to stay healthy and positive! 🙂 

Still, exercise is the best mood lifter I know, and the number one treatment for depression is actually exercise and eating healthy. Avoiding processed foods that cause inflammation and problems in your biological system is important. I try to eat clean and often organic, and get my omega 3s (especially in the form of fish) as omega 3s are proven to work well against depressive states. 

Exercising regularly releases endorphines, serotonine, oxcytocine and adrenaline which means that training is like a healthy drug to boost your mood and health. And you do get addicted to training, which I think is great as long as you keep your balance and don’t get too fanatical. BUT being a 100% dedicated to anything in life will always be judged by some as ”insanely obsessive” or something negative. Personally I call it dedicated positive passion. Passion that knows its limits and is balanced with other things in life as well. 

If you want to do things with excellence you need dedication, discipline, creativity and passion. You need to go for it with all your heart, and trust that in the end you only can do what you can do. Do your best and that is more than enough. Don’t try to be perfect, try to be excellent, in your own unique way. 🙂 




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