The Athlete-lifestyle

“The best athletes are people who don’t let anything stand in their way””…”There are no excuses” saysMichael Phelps.

My experience of athletic humans says the same and more; Athletes have the best work ethic I have ever seen. Athletes are often hard trainers and workers that never give up, respect uniqueness and different ways of doing things, and know that you have to fail a hundred times to win once. 

Sill, athletes are very poorly supported in our educational system. Even though athletic training makes you mentally, spiritually and physically consistent, creative and focused, and the positive effects of training are tremendous. Yet, there is very little understanding of what it actually is to be an athlete and how to support and inspire humans into get involved with training. 

I believe that every human is good at some sort of physical activity. The hard part is to find what you are good at, and then, have the patience and consistent focus to train through highs and lows and get to your goals!

As I have started working at the biggest Nordic training centre situated in Finland, I will write about my experiences with different sports; everything from hot pilates to crossfit and triathlon, and share tips and trix from my 15 years in competetive and elite sports. 

Let’s do this! 😉



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