Spiritual-Mental-Physical training

Training. I believe spiritual, mental and physical training should be exercised every day, in that order. Spirit-Soul-Body.
If you want to be physically fit, ”body-fit”, it’s not just about physical fitness, but mainly about how far you can push yourself spiritually&mentally. Training always starts with a spiritual energy-Feeling, moves into mental Thinking and lastly physical Executing.💪🏻

And yes, it takes a lot of effort. It’s even harder to be a champion in the Spirit than in the flesh (body). Because crucifying your Ego and taking on your Spirit, your divine personality, is a challenge for every human there is. 

And I believe that pure Faith is built on divine discipline. To me, lawlessnes, chaos, vandalism, immorality and doing whatever you feel like is not attractive at all, because it’s not a challenge. It’s easy. It’s easy to do whatever you want and not care about the energetic traces and butterfly effects your actions release in the Cosmos. It’s easy to believe that we all have equal rights to the same price, and not be obedient to the universal Laws and Order. It’s easy to not take any spiritual, mental or physical responsibility for yourself, and instead just blame others and be a victim. It’s easy… 

But I have found, that nothing worth having ever comes easy at all… 😉



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