Back in Finland! – “No pain no gain?”

I am back in the snow.10881673_10203927831928422_2652192180216746039_n

To be honest, I had no idea I missed the cold this much. I had no idea I missed the sky, so dark and deep yet soft, so different in the Northern hemisphere. I had no idea I missed the lakes that swallow soft little snowflakes or the magical deep green forests, like the ones we read about in fairytales.

But most of all I had no idea I missed my family and friends this much. I was not supposed to come home for Christmas. I did not have time because of the usual… Training.

At what point is it too much? I get up at 4:45 pretty much every morning. Train for 3-4 hours in the morning and then 2-3 hours in the afternoon. On average 6 hours every day. Plus abs, flexibility and stretching stuff.10868034_10203927793207454_8292647908807807383_n

In my case it is too much when I don’t feel like training at all anymore. Because I love training. And without it I feel like I am going nuts. But a couple weeks ago I lost my appetite for training. It was not fun anymore, just too much all the time. And my body was breaking down a bit as well… Everything was about training, every single second of my life. And then one day I woke up to it. ‘I am going home’ I thought. I need to see my friends and family and burning myself out will not improve my fitness at all.

So I escaped Australia. In a week I was back home.

It is important to not push yourself too hard. If something does not feel right then stop and think about it before it’s too late to change things. That restless feeling in your soul, a suck in your stomach, tells you something. But it’s hard to stop when you are determined and sometimes have pushed forward with “no pain no gain” in the back of your head. But that is false. Life is not supposed to be pain. The biggest gains come from love and passion for something, not pain. Plus, when it comes to training, pain or soreness breaks down your body and results in you not being able to train efficiently and in worst case you might get injured.

Now I am off to the sauna. It’s cold outside, minus degrees and about 20 centimetres of snow. And to be honest, nothing beats a winter wonderland and a white Christmas. =)




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